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How to Get a Job in Singapore

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Getting a job in Singapore is the same as trying to get a job in other countries. It’s a combination of factors.Moving countries is hectic enough, more so if you’re the trailing partner and you find yourself in the position of looking for a job.¬† First things first, though, you need to make sure you…

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7 Things to Know when Moving Condos in Singapore

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Yes, you read that right. We moved condos in Singapore. Part of expat life is that you will find yourself moving condos every one to two years unless you and your landlords are perfectly happy to have a long-term contract. We liked our first condo. It was small, just 764 sq feet but it had…

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Visiting Optometrists in Singapore – Keep your Eyes Healthy!


It’s not hard finding optometrists in Singapore. It’s finding good ones with affordable services that may trip you up. If you have an expat insurance, you probably won’t have to worry but if you have the basic hospital and emergency cover, then price and quality would be a consideration.   Your eyes are the windows…

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Obtaining Dental Care in Massachusetts

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Dental Care Treatment in Massachusetts Before the year ends, I want to round up my oral care posts by writing about obtaining dental care treatment in Massachusetts. Before I go to my experience, note that health insurance in the United States is confusing and complicated. When we were there, Obamacare¬†officially called the Patient Protection and…

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Getting the Best Oral Care in Melbourne, Australia


  What You Need to Know about Dental Insurance in Australia Since I’ve talked about oral care in Singapore, here is the comparison with dental care in Australia. I’m limiting this to Melbourne but there shouldn’t be too much difference in different parts of the country. Dental care in Australia is generally built-in to the…

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