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Oral Care in Singapore

Dental Chair

Mind your dental expectations Time to get our teeth prodded and cleaned. Earlier in the week, H visited two clinics in the area. One was closed despite the prominent business hour notice stating they were open. He stood there awhile wondering if the entire staff was on break before he read the “Dental Assistant wanted”…

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Settling in Singapore

Our furniture and boxes finally arrived! We had so many issues with the shipping company, I despaired of ever seeing our things again. First, the shipping company hired a 3rd party contractor to pick up our things. No issue with that. What worried me was when they started dismantling the furniture. “Aren’t you going to…

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How to Write your Resume if You Have Employment Gaps

Employment gaps are not career killers. This was the general gist of Suzanna Borst’s workshop at the Resume Writing Event hosted by PrimeTime Singapore at the Caribbean at Keppel Bay on 27 September.   Suzanna Borst from ten04partners I’m trying to get back to the corporate world after taking a sabbatical for close to 2…

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Home for the Wandering Soul

“If you could please initial this page you missed, thank you, then we could proceed with the inventory,” the real estate agent’s voice was a mix of friendliness, excitement, and professionalism as he directed H to each room. Ray* punctuated his statements with a chuckle, apology, and information as he pointed out the curtains, the…

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