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How to Travel around Medan and Lake Toba and Not Lose your Mind

Medan and Lake Toba Ah, Indonesia. Though we’ve lived for nearly a decade in Australia, we’ve never once set foot in Indonesia. Truth be told, we didn’t see the appeal of Bali due to it’s party reputation. But if fate wants you to go somewhere, you go. That’s when we ended up in Medan and,…

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Travel Sights: Visit Jurong Bird Park Singapore


Birds, Birds, and more Birds The city-state maybe a small red dot in the map but don’t let others tell you there’s nothing to see here. If you like bird-watching, you may want to visit Jurong Bird Park Singapore. The Jurong Bird Park is part of the Wildlife Reserves of Singapore. There are four parks…

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Nature Spots in Singapore

Singapore is not all about the efficient trains (some would object), air-conditioned malls, and the wide array of food choices. The city-state is also a huge garden. There are trees, flowers, and interesting animals. One of the things I missed in Melbourne was the proximity to nature. We lived in a suburb surrounded by trees.…

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Treetops, Monkeys, and Wet Trails

Traversing the MacRitchie Reservoir  “It rained,” H said, peeking out of the window. I had stumbled out of bed to I rush to the study to turn off the blaring music of my alarm. Darn, I thought. That meant muddy and probably slippery paths. H and I had been looking forward to this outing. Not…

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Get Upgraded when Flying

I’m not rolling in dough and I’m not very savvy when it comes to accumulating credit cards to get points. I’m just your average traveler. I book months ahead and compare prices before purchasing my plane tickets to have a bit of saving. I look for apartments instead of booking at hotels so I could…

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