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Post-travel Blues

Hullo, world.

Starting anew somewhere after getting entrenched somewhere else causes me a bit of disorientation. V and I have been in the US for about a year and a half now in the lovely city of Boston. I've always known our stay here would be brief as we are on an E-3 visa but I thought we would have at least 4 years. Sadly, for me at least, since V is raring to start anew in another country, our stay in the US will end in August.

I try not to dwell on what cannot be changed; therefore, I decided to embark on as many trips as I possibly could to see the different states in the US. I've been to 16 states in the US so far, the latest of which was in Washington. Not bad for 17 months stay.

Documenting this stay had always been a plan but because I'm such a procrastinator, I'm only starting now, months before we leave. Better late than never.

Seattle, WA

I tagged along to V's Microsoft Build 2017 Conference trip to Seattle two weeks ago. Aside from adding WA to my list of states-I've-been-to, I also wanted to see this state that V kept raving about.

We stayed at the Mediterranean Inn in the Queen Anne District of Northwest Seattle. Initially, I was concerned about the distance between the hotel to the downtown area, erroneously thinking that was where the tourist places were located. Most of the cheap hotels were already booked by the time V booked the hotel. V wasn't really concerned as Seattle was the birthplace of Uber and he would uber his way downtown. To my surprise, our hotel ended up just a block or so away from the Space Needle, the Chihuly Glass and Garden Exhibition, the Museum of Pop Culture, and the Pacific Science Center. The only major tourist attraction that wasn't in that area was Pike's Market. We even had a great view of the Space Needle from the roof top.

Seattle Space Needle

View from our rooftop. This was taken with shivering fingers as I battled gusty winds that night.

Mediterranean Inn

Normally, I'd be posting my review of hotels and other tourist attractions on Trip Advisor (I probably will after I finish this blog) but the Trip Advisor mobile app has been downright annoying. It wouldn't let me post multiple reviews in one go and I would keep getting this error...please try again message every time. Contacting customer service didn't help since all they do is ask me to uninstall and reinstall the app. Nuff said.

The Inn was lovely. The lobby was spacious and there were complementary ice cold lemon-citrus water and coffee for the parched and sleep-deprived. There were multiple couches that people could lounge on and a Starbucks within the hotel since they don't have a kitchen. There had a small gym next to the lobby for those who needed their gym runs. We arrived early even with the luggage snaffu at the airport but we were accommodated.

The room was big enough though some would probably call it small. I would compare it to the Marriott Residence Inn in New York. It had a sink, microwave, complementary coffee and tea facility (with four tea bags!), and a small fridge. The bathroom was spacious. While it had that shower-and-bathtub combo that I'm not fond, it came in handy when I needed to soak my body after a day of walking.

There were a few notable eateries around the area and the hotel was close to public transport, buses and the RapidRide D line. I'd recommend an Orca card which can be bought at the QFC pharmacy a few blocks down for use. It can be used on the buses and even ferries. Alternatively, taxis, uber, and lyft were everywhere.


Compared to Boston, there were more food choices in Seattle. We had lunch at Toulouse Petit (yes, that's how they spelled it) Kitchen and Lounge. They tout themselves as a cajun Creole restaurant. The space was huge with a bar on the far side of the hall. They had these colorful glass lamps and wrought iron window bars which gave the place a casual hippy vibe.

Eager to try what cajun flavor in Seattle would taste like (I had a gumbo in Melbourne, AU. I couldn't really remember what kind though V and I agreed it was good. I do remember having this dopey grin on my face listening to what must have been a Cajun-accent from the owner/chef who came to talk to us.). We started withe Crab Cakes because I wanted to compare New England crab cakes with that of the Pacific North West. Hands down, I loved PNW beat New England. It might have something to do with the extenders some restaurants add to their crab cakes. For the mains, I had the Crispy Fried Chicken Gumbo Entree while V had the Cajun Meat Loaf.

The food was good. Mine was. The gumbo had a nice kick to it though the portion was too big, I couldn't finish it.

Service was fantastic. The wait staff could not have been any lovelier and friendlier.

We went back there for our last breakfast and the place was busy at 9 am on a Saturday. I certainly enjoyed my Brioche French Toast and tea.


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The next morning, we decided to venture farther from the hotel. V found Citizen Cafe. They offer savory crepes along with the usual eggs and bacon combo and other healthy brekkie options.

The ground floor had bar-stool chairs while the second floor had more of a loft feeling with the exposed beams and wooden chairs and tables. I hated to admit it but I did find the savory crepe tasty. I also stole some of V's jalapeno bits to spice up my dish.

The price was reasonable, especially with the huge mug the tea came with. The only thing that bugged me was that they offered chai in syrup form. I'm used to having it in tea leaves and mixed with honey and milk.

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(To be continued)

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