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Brrrr….London Night

After the heat wave UK experienced last week, rain and gloom greeted us last night. The weather wasn’t my initial concern; it was my flight with British Airways and the arrival at the dreaded Heathrow Airport. I actively avoided flying with BA and any layover in Heathrow due to reviews I’ve read online. Much to my surprise, the BA crew were polite, friendly, and overall pleasant. Heathrow was another surprise. Not sure if it was because we landed in Terminal 5, but everything was clean and relatively efficient.

We took the Heathrow Express to Paddington Station, a total of 20 minutes ride, then we took one of the Black Cabs. Our driver was very informative and didn’t mind chatting with us. Tip he gave us: if you’re planning to go to the theatre, go to one of the ticket boots in Leicester Square and ask if they have any 2 for 1 offers, meaning you get two tickets for the price of one.

Inside the Black Cab

Inside the Black Cab.

I also learned that Black Cabs do not necessarily come in black. They can be green, white, or have advertisements all over the body of the car. The cab driver owns his cab and they don’t have a dispatcher. They also don’t use GPS and yes, they rely on “the Knowledge”. Our driver said, it took him 3 years to pass the test. Since they have no dispatch, the cabs rely on being hailed or on the Gett app.

It was 10ish in the evening by the time we got to our rented apartment. When I stepped out of the cab, that’s when the cold hit me.

Uh-oh. I wondered if I was going to survive the next few days. The sun isn’t expected until Sunday.

Since we were hungry and tired, we only walked around the neighborhood and settled on pizzas at Radio Alice. Thank the gods for hipster places. Offering Calabrian-style pizzas, Radio Alice had pizzas with soft crusts.

I managed to devour all my slices minus the crusty parts. Yum.


Nduja Pizza


A real fresh mint tea


Aubergine with prosciutto




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