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Marina Bay New Year’s Eve Celebration 2017

Marina Bay Celebration

New Year 2017 Singapore Celebration

We headed out to the Marina Bay for the New Year 2017  Singapore Celebration. Normally, we avoid the crowds for these type of festivities but since it’s a new country and it was to usher in the New Year, we said, “Why not?”

Christmas Tree

Christmas tree at one of the malls along Orchard Road

The celebration concentrated around the Quays, Clarke Quay and Boat Quays to be more precise. The Merlion and Fullerton Hotel on one side had these 3D projections which were really cool. The Marina Bay Sands used the laser lights. H said, it reminded him of Alien movie scenes just before destruction happened.

We read about the scheduled New Year’s Celebration events online. There were one-minute fireworks every hour beginning 8 pm. I thought we could watch one of those hourly ones and leave to avoid the crowd. H thought we should risk the big 5-minute one so I could have more video footage. Aw.

We headed to the Esplanade to get to the Esplanade Terrace but the place was closed off as they were full. Instead, we headed out into the rainy weather along close to the Marina Bay to join the rest of the drenched revelers.

People waiting for the firewors

A few more minutes waiting for the fireworks to start

Drenched revelers in Singapore

Drenched revelers in Singapore

We loved the light shows and the colorful lights and despite the pouring rain, managed to enjoy ourselves. What I didn’t like was when people starting pushing when we had to get inside the MRT. A guy kept touching me to either get ahead so I had to scream at him to stop touching me. He had the gall to say sorry but the people were pushing him. Yeah, right. I was getting pushed but I kept my hands to myself.

Smoke and lights after the fireworks

Then we had to walk through a small stream of murky water to get to the City Hall MRT since they shut down the Circle Line. Why? No idea. Some people were wondering where to go. We had to ask the security people where we were.

In the end, it was a fun night. We did enjoy the fireworks. Are we going to do it again this year? Ehmm…maybe not. Unless the sky is clear.

Happy New Year everyone!

Here’a video of my Christmas and New Year 2017 Singapore Celebration