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Preparing for London, UK

I’ve been tracking the weather in London for the past days and I have been confused. I’ve always imagined London and the whole of UK to be grey and rainy since that’s what I’ve been used to hearing and reading from people and articles. Apparently, I was wrong since London had been enduring almost 5 days of above 30 degree (in Celsius) weather. On Wednesday, the temperature peaked at 34.5 C (94.1 F). The Sun (I know, it’s a tabloid but I couldn’t resist) featured an article where thermal imaging in the London Tube (Subway) showed temperature reaching 42.3 C (108.14 F). Whoa!

The good news is cooler weather is forecasted next week. Yey. With a great amount of rain. Not so yey. A little bit of rain doesn’t hurt anyone, but it does wreck havoc on my light clothing due to my hennaed hair. I will just have to be creative in packing.

This leads me to what to bring to London. It will be a mix of light to medium-weight clothing for me. I’ve watched youtube channels where these ladies managed to pack all their clothes and essentials in one carryon for 8 to 10 days of travel. I’m not sure I’ll be able to do that. What I have decided is to limit the size of my day bag.

My favorite day bag is my Longchamp Le Pliage Small Leather Satchel in either the black or the red. It’s light enough for me to be able to fold it and place it in my carryon without taking up too much space. Unfortunately, since I tend to overstuff my day bag, my shoulders scream by the end of the day. H has always been great in carrying my bag when it gets heavy but I’ve decided to invest in a smaller bag.

I got the idea after I saw C with her Louis Vuitton Mini Backpack in Epi leather. Since I don’t spend over a grand for a bag – I let H do that for me – I’ve decided a mini backpack would work. I decided on Coach since they’re affordable and they were having 50% off. Saw the bag I wanted and visited their Copley Square store. The bag wasn’t available in store but Cotey, the Sales Associate, said he could order it and they would overnight deliver it. In my experience, when stores say overnight, they mean two days later. I wasn’t in a hurry so I agreed.

When I got home, 2 boxes met me. One from Zappos and the other from Net-a-Porter. My Earthies shoes arrived. I’m not an Oxford wearing girl but I wanted to try something different. I’d been trying different shoes for traveling with varying degrees of success. I didn’t want to wear open-toed shoes in London because of the forecasted rain so a pair of Oxfords seemed like a good idea.

Earthies Santana Oxfords

Earthies Santana Oxfords

Around 10 in the morning the next day, my door bell buzzed. Whaddayaknow. Coach did overnight it.

Coach Mini Backpack

Coach Mini Backpack

Today, I road tested these two things, having learned my lesson of not wearing new things on the day of long walks. The day was hot enough to be similar to London weather (I hope). Surprisingly, the mini bag was spacious enough to carry my essentials, i.e. wallets, hand sanitizer, tissue packs, folded fabric tote bag, phone charger, and keys.

I bought these two things among others since I’m a bit of a germaphobe.

Wet towelletes

Wet towelletes


Verdict: The shoes were comfortable, great for walking though I felt a bit of friction on my right foot. The bag was perfect for essential day trips.

This weekend will be devoted to the actual packing.




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