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Postmodern Jukebox & Straight No Chaser


H and I attended our first concert together last night. We attended concerts previously but never together, usually because we have different tastes in music. He likes jazz. I like J Lo. He likes breathy French singers. I like the haunting voice of Enya.

Early this year, our musical tastes aligned when we discovered Postmodern Jukebox while trawling through YouTube. We spent hours going through their repertoire so when H discovered PMJ was coming to Boston in July, he booked us tickets.

Fast forward to last night. We decided to have linner (lunch and dinner meals combined) at Row 34. Technically, it was early dinner but since H had a small sandwich and I had a slice of lemon bunt and a cup of tea, the meal was our linner. H called to reserve a few hours in advance and was told no reservations required and to just rock up. While this no reservation policy is great, I would suggest going there early. We got there at 5.45 pm and were immediately seated but when we left at 7 pm, there were groups of people waiting at the door and at the bar to get seated.

The restaurant was open in a warehouse style way: high ceilings with metal lamps,  tall windows, and industrial style high chairs at the bar. They offered three seating options: high chair, dining seating, or patio. We chose the dining seating because I wanted more space at the table.

Row 34 Seafood

Oysters and lobsters greet guests upon entering through the glass door


The Dining Seating Area

I know I previously said I’ll cut back on oysters but I’ve been getting back into it. There’s still that fear that I might get sick but thankfully haven’t had any negative experience. We asked for fat and briny oysters and got them. They were a tad smaller than expected but they did not disappoint in taste, freshness, and texture. I also ordered half a lobster and was glad it came in its half shell with no cheese or cream to ruin the flavor. It was a pain to crack the claw but the it was worth it.

Oysters and half a lobster at Row 34

Oysters and half a lobster

Normally, I tend to stick to the restaurant’s specialty. When in a chicken place, order chicken, at a steakhouse, order steak, at a seafood restaurant, order fish and other crustaceans. In this case, I couldn’t resist when I saw buttermilk chicken on the menu. I enjoy eating chicken, grilled, fried, in a soup or casserole. I haven’t had a decent piece of fried chicken in a while so I went for the chicken.

When the dish arrived, I eyed the four brownish rock-looking pieces on my plate. With trepidation, I placed my knife on the skin, my knife broke through the surface revealing herb-coated white flesh. Crispy outer layer! And there was more meat than coating. Yey! The best part of the dish were the two butter and rosemary coated biscuits. They called them biscuits. I called them scones because they looked like scone, crumbled like scones and tasted like scones.

Crunchy chicken at Row 34

The chicken didn’t look appetizing but the taste was more important. See those glistening scones? Heaven

H was pleased with his tuna tartare. He described it as tasting like beef tartare. Heh.

Tuna Tartare at Row 34

I was torn between the tuna tartare and the buttermilk chicken. H accommodated me and ordered this so I could taste it.

Watered and fed, we walked the 15 minutes to Blue Hills Bank Pavilion. This was one of those times when the place lived up to its name. A gigantic white tent greeted us, underneath were rows of chairs, and along the periphery were food stalls. It was a novel experience for both of us. Thankfully, was balmy; the humidity was manageable, else we’d all be sporting eau de sweat. Around me, the audience was a mix of teenagers but mostly middle-aged and older people.


Blue Hills Bank Pavilion. The weather bureau promised rain. Glad they got it wrong.

At 7.30, a keyboard started playing. The opening act. Huh. Talk about punctual. The guy’s voice was great but his songs didn’t move me.

At 8 pm, PMJ came on board and the concert was well and truly on its way. Among the five singers, I loved Dani Armstrong the best, especially when she belted out Sia’s Chandelier, her voice soared, providing added drama to an already dramatic piece.

The band’s rendition of Nsync was a delightful surprise as well as Nirvana’s Creep. What is Love was another favorite, even with the parts that sounded like guitar and drums on steroid. They punctuated their performance with antics such as the hyper tambourine man running off to the crowd and a risqué performance of one of the singers (she reminded me a bit of Jessica Rabbit in Who Framed Roger Rabbit) which led to the crowd roaring, especially the men. I still don’t like the bumptity jazz heavy songs though.

H was disappointed because he was expecting Robyn Adele Anderson. I think he has a major crush on her. Here’s a video list with PMJ featuring her to understand why he was crushed not to see her last night.

Ticket info discouraged videos and phone but PMJ and Straight No Chaser encouraged the audience. Unfortunately, the quality of my photos and videos didn’t do them justice so I will attach videos of them from You Tube. All rights belong to the artists.

One hour later, PMJ said their goodbyes and the a capella group, Straight No Chaser, came on. H and I held low expectations because we don’t know anything about them except for a bit of info on google. What did we know? Their opening medley rendition of Sweet Dreams / Handsclap had me clapping and bopping along. From there, I allowed myself to enjoy the show. It didn’t hurt that that they pandered to the crowd and didn’t mind admitting it, mentioning how great Boston is, the red sox.

The broadway musical was hilarious!

On Les Miserables
“Who was in charge of the casting?

Why did they choose Russell Crow?

Why did they think he could sing?

Seriously he was awful”

Here’s a video from MaggieKayte’s You Tube Channel. All rights belong to her.

And here’s a video they did on movie musical.

Some portions I found boring because I didn’t know the songs but that didn’t diminish the skill and talent of the group.

At the end when they did their encore, I was impressed when the crowd became silent for a microphone-less rendition of In the Still of the Night.

If any of you want to listen or watch these talented band and singers, check our their tour schedules. They’re still touring around the country and I think even overseas.


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