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Sachiyo – Songs from the Heart

Singer-composer Sachiyo

Sachiyo’s Concert – A Song of Life

Home – I didn’t understand the words Sachiyo was singing but I understood the emotion. It was a re-arranged Japanese version of the song commissioned for Singapore’s National Day sung for the first time at the Esplanade Recital Studio.

Singer-composer Sachiyo

Singer-composer Sachiyo. Photo from AT Marketing Consultancy.

When I first heard “Home”, it was during the Vienna Boys Choir concert, also held at the the Esplanade but at the much bigger Esplanade Concert Hall. Maybe, it was the cavernous space but it was like any anthem I heard – a song sung with fervour and enthusiasm. Maybe, it was the intimacy of the small hall or maybe because I didn’t understand the language that I focused on the emotion.

“Listen with your heart,” Sachiyo said. I did. And I, too, thought of home.

I consider myself a a semi-wanderer. I don’t cling to one place. I get nostalgic. I miss certain aspects of the previous places I’ve lived in but I don’t get homesick. I don’t have that yearning to return to any one place. Rather, I miss the people I met, the friendships I made, the comforts of each place.

It has its pros and cons. I easily adapted to the places I lived in, there were a few mishaps here and there, but …for the most part, I adapted and enjoyed my life. On the con side, I struggled to answer when people asked me where home was. Some would say, the place of your birth is your high home. Those born at sea on a cruise ship or in another country would probably disagree, especially if the culture were different.

Eventually, I realised that home for me was where my heart felt light. I could be home anywhere and everywhere.

“For the Japanese, home for us is very emotional. We think of mountains…the rivers…the children,” Sachiyo explained ( I’m taking liberties with what she said as I forgot her exact words).

And I saw them, too. The mountains ranges of the Cordilleras in the Philippines, the lush greens of …..Melbourne, Australia. The snow capped mountains of Massachusetts in the US. It was during these times when I am grateful to attend Events in Singapore as they help remind me of diversity in cultures.

Agnes of ATMarketingandConsultancy who invited me to the concert gave a short commentary and explanations of what was being sung. Sachiyo’s songs were her personal experiences and snippets of her life story.

During the 2011 Japan Disaster, Sachiyo was moved to write ‘A Song of Life’ to dedicate her love for her home country, Japan, and to serve as a song of strength and encouragement to the victim. Together with some Singapore producers and musicians such as SoundFarm Production
Studios, Music & Movements, Adam Lee (music arrangement), Sachiyo worked on this charity CD single to raise funds for this disaster. Proceeds from the CD single sales were donated to Mercy Relief and Singapore Red Cross.

I smiled when I heard “makan” and “lah” in her “Singapore” theme songs medley. Those words I understood since I’ve been in Singapore long enough to know. Interestingly enough, the word “makan” has the same meaning in Ilokano, one of the languages in the Philippines – “food”.

I cringed; however, when she sang “Michelle”. She said it was one of her early composition. She wrote it for a long lost childhood friend. Unfortunately, because the words were in English, the simplistic rhymes and words disappointed me.

She redeemed herself in her other English-infused songs, the words showing maturity.

My favourite among all her songs was Houou – Phoenix. The dramatic music swelled lending a cinematic feel to the song.

Sachiyo in Concert

Sachiyo in Concert. Photo from AT Marketing Consultancy.

Sachiyo was – is a talented singer. She has a powerful but soothing voice. It’s not as powerful as “Adele” but her voice pulls you in. My regret that night was abandoning my Japanese lessons; otherwise, I would have been able to fully enjoy her concert. While music transcends boundaries and language sometimes creates a barrier; it is better to sing in the language one is more familiar with to convey the message. Often, I find that when a song is translated into a foreign language, the meaning gets lost or distorted.

Below are more information about Sachiyo from her bio.

About Sachiyo

Sachiyo is a Singapore-raised Japanese singer-songwriter known for her soothing voice and
touching compositions. She came to Singapore at the age of four with her parents and studied at the Singapore Japanese School. At the age of five, she became the first and only Japanese model to be featured in a Singapore Airlines’ advertising campaign.

Sachiyo made her debut as a professional singer in 1997 and went on to perform extensively in both Singapore and Japan.

A versatile performer, she sings in four languages – English, Mandarin, Malay and Japanese –
creating and performing a diverse range of music such as Jazz, Pop and Ethnic genres from
traditional to modern.

Sachiyo has released three albums “Sachiyo Sings Singapore” (2003), “Rojak” (2006) and “My Life, My Songs” (2011). In 2017, she celebrated 20 years of her music career with a 20th anniversary concert in Singapore and Japan.

Besides singing performances, Sachiyo bridges Singapore and Japan cultures as a ‘J-SG musical
ambassador’ in numerous cultural exchange events and projects in both countries.

Her works and performances include:


Sachiyo – The Journey Concert (Singapore & Japan)


SG-JP Music Mix 2016 (Singapore), Executive Producer & Singer


Super Local J-Artistes Concert (Singapore), Executive Producer & Singer
Singapore Meets Japan Music Project (Singapore), Executive Producer & Singer


Singapore Meets Japan Music Project (Singapore), Executive Producer & Singer


Singapore Food & Culture Festival (Japan), Singer and Emcee

2004 – 2007

Singapore Festival 2004 to 2007 (Japan), Executive Producer & Singer


ASEAN-Japan Exchange Year Official Concert (Japan), Executive Producer & Singer


Her concert at the Esplanade was entitled “A Song of Life, Voices From Your Heart, Arigato, Matahari”. I would call it Songs from her Heart because it was her heart she showed to the audience that night.

Sachiyo with Shmi Shem

Sachiyo with Shmi Shem. Photo mine.

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