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Travel Sights: Visit Jurong Bird Park Singapore


Birds, Birds, and more Birds

The city-state maybe a small red dot in the map but don’t let others tell you there’s nothing to see here. If you like bird-watching, you may want to visit Jurong Bird Park Singapore.

peach flamingos

Pastel-coloured flamingos

The Jurong Bird Park is part of the Wildlife Reserves of Singapore. There are four parks under their banner: Night Safari, River Safari, Singapore Zoo, and the Jurong Bird Park.

First thing you need to do is secure your tickets. Head on over to and look for ticketing promotions. If you plan to visit more than one park, check out the multi-park offers to save some moolah. Single Ticket for adults cost S$29.00, kids S$19.

Next, decide on your transport. I’d strongly suggest taking the MRT. It’s a 30-minute trip from the Central Business District (CBD) by car, slightly longer on the train and you may or may not find seats but it’s still better than getting an uber or taxi, except if you’re with a group and you’re sharing the cost. For the train line, take the East-West Line (Green Line) and get off at Boon Lay station. From there, exit the train station and transfer to Bus 194. Jurong Bird Park is one stop away.

From the bus stop, it’s a short walk to the park. Tip: the bus stop heading back to Boon Lay is on the opposite road. You need to cross the street and walk through the underpass.

Third, before you head towards the turnstile, stop for a moment at the pond close to the entrance and marvel at the fishes and turtles. Show your ticket to the staff.

Fourth, roam! The place is massive. I’m directly quoting from the wildlife reserve’s website

…Singapore’s first wildlife park and Asia’s largest bird park, offering a 20.2-hectare hillside haven for more than 5,000 birds across 400 species, of which 15% are threatened. The park aims to enhance visitors’ understanding and appreciation of the colourful avian world through naturalistic exhibits, interactive feeding sessions and world-class bird shows.

Adorable penguins

Adorable penguins


Blue bird



A word of caution before visiting Jurong Bird Park Singapore. The various avian species, with the exception of the parrots, are not caged. They have their little islands protected either by water or a high fence. However, if you get upset seeing animals paraded around and photographed with visitors, you may want to skip some of the shows.

Kissing cranes

Romantic Grey-crowned cranes

You’ll probably spend about 2 to 3 hours. even 4 hours, so make sure to wear comfortable and rain-proof shoes. We didn’t get bitten by insects but it’s still prudent to spray insect repellents.


You can find non-feathered animals, too, like this Iguana

There are cafes and restaurants in the park but if you want more options, head back to Boon Lay. There’s a mall attached to the MRT. Most of the restaurants are at the basement level. Take your pick.


Take a photo infront of the waterfall

Caution: make sure to buy imodium or other similar medication. We had a bit of a tummy ache after we dined at one of the restaurants. Thankfully, it was mild, unlike the one we had in Lisbon.

Pink parrot

Pink parrot

Video of Visit to Jurong Bird Park Singapore

You can also view it on my youtube channel.


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