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Susanna Hasenoehrl

Susanna Hasenoehrl – Tech & Nutrition Enabler

Susanna Hasenoehrl is a lady on a mission. Sounds cliche but once you hear her speak about nutrition and child obesity, you understand where the passion comes from. She has worked in the technology and mobile industry for most of her working life, her former employers were Siemens and Nokia.

Susanna Hasenoehrl

Susanna Hasenoehrl, Founder of Joice Nutrition

For career-minded individuals, it was a foolhardy move to abandon the corporate world to set up a nutrition- based digital company, Joice Nutrition. For Susanna, it was a result of listening to her “inner voice.” She had always been a healthy individual growing up, and when she found herself pregnant with her first child, the importance of health and nutrition became stronger.

Susanna and her husband moved to Singapore close to a decade ago because they wanted the ideal place for life and career. Before committing to move, they visited countries like Canada and Australia before deciding on the Lion City.

Why did I choose Susanna Hasenoehrl for Succeeding in Singapore?

When I first contacted Susanna, I wasn’t sure she’d agree. I’ve never met her but I have seen her profile on LinkedIn and was intrigued by this lady who wrote and spoke about the impact of diet on children’s health. Not only did she agree; but she also invited me to her home and introduced me to her family!

I was bowled over by her generosity and I could see the authenticity in her words and actions.

As she began to speak in front of the camera, I smiled to myself. Here was a lady who epitomizes a woman in tech and who has taken all that knowledge to help others, especially children.

Susanna with her daugher

Susanna with her daugher

“There are 42 Million children under 5 years old who are overweight or obese and this number is skyrocketing…I think that is a form of injustice,” Susanna said.

The quiet outrage in her voice was apparent but she quickly pointed out that she wasn’t pointing fingers. Instead, she decided to do something about it by creating “tools and solutions that would practically help parents put healthy meals on the table.”

To support Joice Nutrition, Susanna worked on Joice of Cooking, the “go-to-destination for busy, health conscious families wondering what to cook.” She partnered with clinical nutritionist¬†Dr. Katrina¬†Gallagher to come up with recipes backed by detailed nutritional analysis.

“I don’t come up with any recipes,” Susanna candidly admitted. The recipes were all gathered from popular websites and assessed by her team in terms of micro and macro nutrients before being included in Joice of Cooking.

Singaporeans would probably wonder why there weren’t any Singaporean dishes in her recipes. Susanna explained that this was because they use Natural Language Processing where the basis of the language was English. As a global company, she wanted the recipes to appeal to a wider audience since her aim was to educate and provide parents with healthy alternatives.

I left their condo not only impressed with her vision and her passion, but also carrying a lunchbox of salad she made.

Below is my interview with her:

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