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Palace of Versailles, France

Continuing on with what I did in July… We had to go to the Palace of Versailles. I wanted to see the famous chateau that once served as the seat of power for the French nobility. Nothing could stop me going there. I was glad that D and H also wanted to see it; otherwise,…

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Paris, France

Facebook reminded me that I was in Paris around this time in 2013. It was the first overseas trip I had with H and my bestfriend D. D and I would usually take turns visiting each other every year at our respective country of residence. I would visit her in Hong Kong, then the following year,…

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London Day 1 – Buckingham, Boots, Bliss

Huh? Let me explain. Yesterday, I planned for us to watch the Changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace. Navigating the metro or Underground as their sign says or the Tube, as the locals call it, was initially confusing but conquerable. We arrived at the gates at 10.30 am to be greeted by a large number…

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Brrrr….London Night

After the heat wave UK experienced last week, rain and gloom greeted us last night. The weather wasn’t my initial concern; it was my flight with British Airways and the arrival at the dreaded Heathrow Airport. I actively avoided flying with BA and any layover in Heathrow due to reviews I’ve read online. Much to…

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