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Obtaining Dental Care in Massachusetts

teeth health

Dental Care Treatment in Massachusetts Before the year ends, I want to round up my oral care posts by writing about obtaining dental care treatment in Massachusetts. Before I go to my experience, note that health insurance in the United States is confusing and complicated. When we were there, Obamacare officially called the Patient Protection and…

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Home for the Wandering Soul

“If you could please initial this page you missed, thank you, then we could proceed with the inventory,” the real estate agent’s voice was a mix of friendliness, excitement, and professionalism as he directed H to each room. Ray* punctuated his statements with a chuckle, apology, and information as he pointed out the curtains, the…

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Isolation, Confusion, & Depression

When I made the decision to move to the United States with H, it was with the caveat that I be given the opportunity to work, whether I wanted to utilize that opportunity or not. H agreed, which was why he insisted on the E-3 visa as opposed to the more popular H-1B visa, even…

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E-3D Visa or How I ended up in the US

Before I continue with my travel and other related stories, I’d like to share how I came to live in the US. I’m on an E-3D visa. For those who don’t know, the US has an alphabet listing of visa categories from A to V. There’s the A visa for diplomats, the B-2 tourist visa,…

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