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New York Keeps Calling Me

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I just came back from an overnight trip to New York yesterday to meet up with my cousin and her husband. Can New York City be adequately visited in a day? Yep, I’ve written an earlier post about doing New York in 6 hours. New York City…

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Postmodern Jukebox & Straight No Chaser

  H and I attended our first concert together last night. We attended concerts previously but never together, usually because we have different tastes in music. He likes jazz. I like J Lo. He likes breathy French singers. I like the haunting voice of Enya. Early this year, our musical tastes aligned when we discovered…

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Stonehenge and Bath – Rock of Ages and Steamy Rooms

**Oh dear. I thought I published this post before my Merseyside post. Obviously, not.*** We initially thought of going to Stonehenge on our own but after comparing the train prices as well as the time required to get to Salisbury then to Stonehenge then to Bath, getting on the tour was more cost-efficient. Premier Tours…

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Tall Ships in Boston

Last Sunday, we had to wake up earlier than usual on a weekend because we wanted to beat the crowd to Boston Harbor. H got intrigued by all the posters about the Tall Ships arriving in Boston, he decided it would be a great day for a weekend date. Thus, we found ourselves following the…

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New York in 6 Hours

Last week, A messaged me in Facebook saying she would be in New York with her family. Would I like to catch up? Sure! I missed her when I went to Australia a year ago so it was a great timing for both of us. Yesterday, I woke up at 4 am. My scheduled Uber…

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