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Seattle Sights (Part II)

Bainbridge Island A ferry ride from Seattle are a few islands. One of them is Bainbridge. I bought a ticket the day prior to my trip for $8.20. When I got there the next day, after a confusing Google map direction, I saw that I could have paid with my Orca card. Same with the…

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Lavandula aka Lavender

*I’m taking a break from writing about Seattle Sights as I’ve received the package I’ve been waiting for from Bainbridge Island in Washington DC. The Pacific Northwest is home to various florae. The lush vegetation begins the moment we exited the airport. I’m not a horticulturist nor a gardener so my knowledge of plants and…

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Seattle Food (cont’d)

I debated how to continue writing about this trip, chronological or categorical. I decided to do both. First would be the food then the places, because food is my fuel. Food V and I met up with his colleague K, who was based in Portland. It was only during lunch at Lola when we found…

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