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Treetops, Monkeys, and Wet Trails

Traversing the MacRitchie Reservoir  “It rained,” H said, peeking out of the window. I had stumbled out of bed to I rush to the study to turn off the blaring music of my alarm. Darn, I thought. That meant muddy and probably slippery paths. H and I had been looking forward to this outing. Not…

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Get Upgraded when Flying

I’m not rolling in dough and I’m not very savvy when it comes to accumulating credit cards to get points. I’m just your average traveler. I book months ahead and compare prices before purchasing my plane tickets to have a bit of saving. I look for apartments instead of booking at hotels so I could…

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Lighthouse and Castle in Gloucester, MA

August 2016 Closer to home (temporary home, that is) is Gloucester, Massachusetts. H was determined to visit as many lighthouses in New England as possible, so our research brought us to the neighboring town port. It was just over an hour’s drive from our place and for the most part, the drive was pleasant and…

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Vancouver, Canada – Mix of Highs and Lows

August of 2016 saw me visiting Canada for the first time and nearly made me swear off visiting the country ever again. I have to partly blame myself as I had very high expectations cultivated from reading too much pro-Canada travel articles and watching too much of Simon and Martina’s vlogs. I’ve heard so much…

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New York Keeps Calling Me

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I just came back from an overnight trip to New York yesterday to meet up with my cousin and her husband. Can New York City be adequately visited in a day? Yep, I’ve written an earlier post about doing New York in 6 hours. New York City…

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