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Tall Ships in Boston

Last Sunday, we had to wake up earlier than usual on a weekend because we wanted to beat the crowd to Boston Harbor. H got intrigued by all the posters about the Tall Ships arriving in Boston, he decided it would be a great day for a weekend date. Thus, we found ourselves following the…

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New York in 6 Hours

Last week, A messaged me in Facebook saying she would be in New York with her family. Would I like to catch up? Sure! I missed her when I went to Australia a year ago so it was a great timing for both of us. Yesterday, I woke up at 4 am. My scheduled Uber…

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Seattle Food (cont’d)

I debated how to continue writing about this trip, chronological or categorical. I decided to do both. First would be the food then the places, because food is my fuel. Food V and I met up with his colleague K, who was based in Portland. It was only during lunch at Lola when we found…

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