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Wine Bonanza: Gourmet Food Tasting

Not just about wines

A few days ago, AT Marketing invited me and V to sample the food at Wine Bonanza. I was there during the media launch, imbibed the delicious wines, and tried some of the dishes. This time, the focus was on the modern fusion cuisine.

We were given a glass of Christian Moreau Pere and Fils Chablis while we waited for other members of our party to arrive.

Along with mommy bloggers, @xavvylicious, @raisingfaith.dan, @stylelillie, @Jennifer_yeo came later with her husband, we started out with the Irish oysters. It’s pretty hard to find them raw here in Singapore. Those seafood places we’ve visited generally had them cooked – an outrage, I say! I was only able to try a few molluscs during the media launch as they were quickly slurped by the guests.

We had two oysters each for the tasting. Now, I prefer my oysters really cold, because the surrounding ice brings out the flavour. That’s what I believe. In this instance, they were slightly close to room temperature which may have affected my taste buds because while I found them good, they weren’t great.


Irish Gallagher Premium Oysters with Hendricks Gin Cucumber. Courtesy of AT Marketing

The 3-hour lobster bisque followed. The lobsters, Bai, the ever-attentive sommelier, informed me, came from nearby Malaysia. The broth was rich and creamy. Initially, I thought they added curry. Nope, I was told. No curry, just strained broth of crustaceans, braised vegetables, and topped with Angelica root and bits of lobster meat.

The octopus-carpaccio was a surprise. I like my sushi and sashimi but I’ve never had Spanish octopus legs thinly sliced. I was worried I wouldn’t like it; however, the meat was tender and had no fishy-smell.

Octopus Carpaccio

Octopus Carpaccio. Courtesy of AT Marketing

Small bread-crumbed balls slid in front of us. “Aged Italian Bean Puree Beignet with Truffle Mayo,” the staff said. I’m not a fan of beignet, the pastry. The staff at the French restaurant in Boston comped my order of the pastry when he noticed I only ate one-and-a-half of the 4 pieces on my plate. I told him, I tried to like them but I couldn’t. This savoury beignet was different. The bean filling wasn’t heavy and had a slight sour undertaste that gave the dish that zing. Great for vegetarians.

Bean Puree Beignet

Aged Italian Bean Puree Beignet with Truffle Mayo. Courtesy of AT Marketing

One of my favourites that evening was the Beef Stew. The lean meat was tender, my fork didn’t need a lot of effort to separate the meat. The “tasty brisket (was) braised for 8 hours with carrots, mushroom, bacon in red wine sauce.” Baby carrots and garlic confit puree artfully decorated the plate.

Beef Stew

Beef Stew. Courtesy of AT Marketing

While waiting for the next dish, we were given a mint-and-baileys cocktail.

“Careful,” AT warned. “The alcohol will hit you later.”

I kept that in mind as I took a sip. The thick, creamy drink was refreshing, the vanilla and mint flavours complementing each other perfectly.

The staff then served two kinds of pastas: the Four Seasons Pasta and, my other favourite that night, the Truffle Mushroom Cream Pasta.

“What’s with all the Truffle in the food?” V queried.

“It’s a craze,” AT said, the other members of the table nodding in agreement. “Everybody loves truffle oil.”

I can taste why.

The oil definitely did something for the pasta. The creamy truffle sauce coated each of the linguine strands, making it a delight in each bite. No meat on this vegetarian dish but I would have been happy to finish off an entire plate on my own.

To end the meal, the staff served Bread and Butter pudding with ice cream. The cinnamon bread was warm. There was a scramble as we hurried to take photos as the Vanilla ice cream started to melt on the brioche bread.

Bread and butter pudding

Bread and Butter Pudding with Ice Cream. Photo by AT Marketing

All-in-all, it was a satisfying evening as I got to meet a few of the Singaporean bloggers while tasting the gourmet dishes Wine Bonanza had to offer.


Wine Bonanza

180 Albert Street, #01-09 Albert Court S189971
Reservations hotline: 6909 3828
Operating hours: Sunday to Thursday: 5pm to 11pm (last order 10pm)
Friday, Sat, PH and PH Eve: 5pm to 1am (last order for food is 10pm, after 10pm bar bites till 11pm)

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