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Wolford Fatal Dress Review

No, I was not influenced by all the hoopla surrounding Kim Kardashian wearing the Wolford Fatal Dress. I’ve seen it on the website and had been debating for a long time on whether it was worth buying.

I’m all for versatility and the promise of getting a tube (it is what it is) worn multiple ways were intriguing. However, the $215 excluding tax price point was a bit too much.

I’m a fan of the Wolford tights, had been since a friend told me they were the only brand of tights she swears by in terms of durability. I’d been hoarding them since. I have tights of various deniers but I never bought any of their clothes since I preferred natural fabrics.

A week before our London trip, I decided to go for it. I figured the tube would help me minimize the clothes I would bring and would create more space in my suitcase for shopping (evil laugh).

Right. Too much blabbing. Here’s the actual review. No, this is not a sponsored post. None of my posts that mention products or companies are sponsored.

Wolford Fatal Dress

From the Wolford website


As I mentioned, $215 was too much so I waited until Wolford had their sale. The fashion colors were on sale, never the black, white, midnight, and red.

I bought the grey in the US on sale and the midnight in the UK at full price but at way less than the full price in the US. Read my previous post.

I think American Eagle or American Outfitter may have their own version at a cheaper price.


There was a miniscule difference between a Small and an XSmall. I bought the XSmall because I had this fear that the tube would slide down if I wore the Small.

The tube hugged my body and showed off all the bumps, including bumps caused by my underwear. I wore lazer cut underwear and I could still trace the panty lines. The staff said she got rid of the VPLs (visible panty lines) by going commando. Hmmmm…nope, I’m not that brave.

I solved the problem by folding the tube in two and wearing it as a skirt.


Performance as a skirt. I was able to vary the length, from ankle to knee-length. However, with the ankle-length, the fabric was too sheer. I liked the white but wearing it, I might as well have gone out naked.

As a skirt, therefore, I used it as a knee-length skirt. Problem. The skirt rode up until the curve of my derriere. I started with a knee-length skirt and ended up with a micro-mini, especially when walking up and down the stairs.

Performance as a tube top. The reverse happened when I wore the tube as a top: the fabric slides down. I had to constantly check that it was still covering my bra. There was one instance when I found the top had slid 1/3 down my bra. My loose knit top did not provide enough coverage.

Performance as a dress. When I wore the tube as a knee length dress, the problems I encountered above were replicated. I had to constantly pull the top up and tug the hem down.


From the Wolford website


Because it’s nylon, the fabric feels smooth to the touch. I used it as a top on the plane and it was so comfortable, I forgot I was even wearing it. I could compare it to a well-worn cotton t-shirt.


Did the Wolford Fatal Dress live up to the hype?

To a certain extent, yes. I was able to wear it in different ways, as a skirt, a top, and a dress, but I had to constantly tug and pull to make sure it covered my private parts. I haven’t tried fashion tapes so they may solve the problem on the top bit.

For the price though, unless it’s deeply discounted, I have reservations.



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